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Human Resources [ 25 Courses Bundle]

Human Resources [ 25 Courses Bundle]

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Our Human Resources Bundle provides essential training for HR professionals, and anyone involved in personnel management. From mastering HR policies and recruitment techniques to honing conflict resolution skills and staying compliant with labor laws, this bundle equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic field of human resources. 

This bundle includes:

1. Business Succession Planning
2. Contract Management
3. Crisis Management
4. Developing a Lunch and Learn
5. Diversity and Inclusion
6. Employee Onboarding
7. Employee Recruitment
8. Employee Termination Processes
9. Generation Gaps
10. Health and Wellness at Work
11. Hiring Strategies
12. Human Resource Management
13. Managing Workplace Harassment
14. Measuring Results From Training
15. Millennial Onboarding
16. Office Health and Safety
17. Sensitivity Training
18. Talent Management
19. Train-The-Trainer
20.Unconscious Bias
21. Universal Safety Practices
22.Workplace Bullying
23. Workplace Diversity
24. Workplace Harassment
25. Workplace Violence

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