eLearning leverages technology – interactive resources accessed online or distributed via disc – to deliver training that can be accessed remotely at any time. With a lower total cost and greater flexibility than conventional on-site, instructor-led training, eLearning can help you achieve your organization’s goals more efficiently.

With proper login credentials for our Learning Management System (LMS), learners can take advantage of self-paced training: enrolling themselves, downloading and taking assigned or elective courses, assessing results, and even returning to previous lessons to review if necessary.

Atlanta Training Group delivers the right learning material through media that suits your budget, training goals and employee needs. eLearning solutions require a significant initial investment, but the total cost over each solution’s lifespan decreases as the number of students utilizing the solution increases.

Our eLearning solutions:

  • Offer scalability and ease of distribution
  • Reduce risk by enabling computer simulation of real-world scenarios
  • Eliminate travel expenditures
  • Provide immediate, on-demand learning opportunities accessed via the web or on CDs/DVDs
  • Ensure consistency in the course content and delivery
  • Offer up-to-date SCORM compatibility requirements
  • Facilitate assessment and reporting to ensure relevant parties remain apprised on each student’s progress
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